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The world is a news (Wion) is an Indian multinational [1] news channel in New Delhi. It is owned by the ESSEL group and is part of the network of Zee Media channels. According to India News magazine, the channel "covers global news and current issues from an Indian perspective."

Its website was launched in many countries as a free satellite at air at June 15, 2016. The television channel began transmitting on August 15, 2016. Wion is the first privately owned international news channel of India .

The founder Rohit Gandhi and the editor in chief began the compilation of the Canal in August 2015. He spent the first 6 months in the construction of the brand and the construction of network technology. In May 2016 he hired his old student at the University of Carleton Mandy Clark, former CBS correspondent, as his deputy to direct the network.

He then hired Holder Mithaq Kazimi (Hub Digital), Surya Gangadharan (head of TV exit) and Padma Rao (head of entry) as producer management respectively. Gandhi spent interviewing 2300 people for one year, selects about 200 journalists with two human resources, mainly Varsha Sinha and Vancha Garg to select his team. He chose his team at hand.

He hired correspondents in countries even though they were in conflict with India where the channel of him was based, due to the credentials of him as an objective journalist. Taha Siddiqui in Pakistan was one of him, who later had to look for asylum after Gandhi left the network. He also hired journalists who included Saad Hammadi, head of the Bangladesh office and the old correspondent for the Guardian, Archith Seshadri, the former Anchor CNN and Anchal Vohra as the Beirut and Conflict region in a large correspondent.

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