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The founders of the TV-3 channel were St. Petersburg City Hall, VGTRK, the radio and television broadcasting center and the British company Independent Network Television Holding Ltd (INTH). The original legal entity of the television channel is the television channel CJSC 27, according to the frequency number of the channel in St. Petersburg.

1994 - In June the TV-3 channel starts its work in St. Petersburg. Already in June of the same year, it was released on air with its own production. Initially, this TV channel showed various films, documentaries, the "House of Soviets" syllabus, as well as the documentary series "The Art of Drawing"
1995 - On August 21, TV-3 begins broadcasting in Yekaterinburg with Era-TV on 37 TVK [source without definition 1039 days].
1996 - During the Atlanta Olympics, TV-3 broadcasts the specialized sports channel Meteor-Sport produced by RTR-Teleset (in Moscow it aired on 35 TVK instead of the future TNT channel). December 18 "TV-3" starts broadcasting in Perm together with the TV company "Auto TV" in 35 TVK. The broadcast of "TV-3" in its original form ceased in August 1997.
1997 - American Timothy MacDonald becomes head of the television channel. From October 1997 to July 1998, the television channel rebroadcasted TV-6 in St. Petersburg.

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