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TV Zimbo was founded on December 14, 2008 and began regular broadcasts on May 15, 2009, in time for the 2009 elections and the 2010 African Cup of Nations. Medianova has just launched the weekly newspaper O Pais and the radio station Radio Mais (Angola's first privately owned television station).

The channel was launched in partnership with TVI and the BBC. 310 employees were hired, including 22 editorial offices. Medianova invested $ 26 million to launch TV Zimbo. The name "Zimbo" comes from the first local currency used in Angola and almost the entire West African coast - a shell the size of a coffee bean, which appeared all over the coast of Angola.

Later it turned out that TV Zimbo does not start with the required legal regulations. In November 2010, following the financial turmoil in Medianova, 75% of TV Zimbo's employees, mostly Portuguese expats, were fired and replaced by local technicians.

In mid-2011, Brazilian William Correa restructures TV Zimbo. We updated and purchased more modern equipment, introduced new procedures in journalism, advertising, programming, etc. Marketing and animation departments were created.

During the presidential elections in August 2017, the Angolan Journalists Union criticized TV Zimbo for voting 227 minutes to the MPLA and 30 minutes to other parties from 4 to 14 August 2017.

In July 2020, the Attorney General of Angola arrested Media Nova for creating with funds from the government of Angola, which was previously the President of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos, and Generals Copelipa and Dino. And then it was temporarily taken over by the state for an indefinite period.

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