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Times Now is a British news channel in India owned and operated by The Times Group. The channel began broadcasting in partnership with Reuters on January 23, 2006. This is pay TV all over India. Until 2016, it was India's most popular and most viewed English-language news channel.

On November 15, 2011, the Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Bombay High Court seeking Rs 100 crores from Times Now in the country's most high-profile defamation case. The channel accidentally posted a photo of Supreme Court Judge P.B. Sawant official and payment went directly to Sawant replacing someone with the same name as part of the Provident Fund scandal.

In 2018, Times Now published derogatory remarks about activist Sanjukta Basu. In March 2019, he filed a complaint with the News Broadcasting Standards Authority. In October 2020, he went to the Supreme Court stating that his case was pending before the NBSA. Before the case went to the Supreme Court, the NCCD ruled on its complaint.

The NBSA ordered Times Now to broadcast its apology live at 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm and send copies on DVD. The NBSA found that Times Now did not contact Basu to obtain her version and did not fact check before publication. This behavior was found to violate NBSA guidelines. The NBSA order noted that "there is no neutrality in the program."

In 2021, the National Broadcasting and Digital Standards Authority (NBDSA) found that Times Now hosts Rahul Shivshankar and Padmaji Joshi's discussions about the 2020 Delhi riots were not conducted in an "impartial and objective manner". The NBDSA found that the servers "violated the Core Principles set out in the Code of Ethics and the Publication Standards and various guidelines published by the NBDSA."

NBDSA Chief Justice (retired) A.K. Sikri ordered Times Now to remove his videos from YouTube and their website. The NBDSA issued this order in response to a complaint filed against Shivshankar, accusing him of selectively displaying sightings of courts and police to make them look like Nation Act (Amendment) protesters for sectarian violence.

The order was quoted as saying: "The broadcast was made for the community that criticizes the Delhi Police investigation and reflects them and their criticism in a negative light, thus unfairly depriving the viewer of the right to have a factual opinion on the matter and not implying to the public what the position is in general. or it has become a constant campaign to challenge the position without allowing the participants in the discussion to explain the same.”

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