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Thamarai is a 2014-2018 Tamil soap opera that aired on Sun TV in India. The show aired from November 3, 2014 to August 4, 2018, with 1,129 episodes completed. The show starred Neelima Rani, Nirosha, Ashwin Kumar, Ferozkhan, and Swetha. Actors Rani, Kumar and Mahalakshmi previously starred in the 2009-2013 Sun TV soap opera Chellamay.

Sneha is a middle-class working girl who lives with her aunt Raji. Raji informs him that Karunakaran, a prisoner believed to have killed Sneha's mother, is also her father and Raji's older brother. Sneha refuses to accept Karunakaran as her father.

Sneha falls in love with Dwarkesh, whose father Raghavan is against this relationship. Sneha works in the same company as Dwarkesh's older brother Rajiv, who ran off with his wealthy girlfriend Uma, and Raghavan doesn't want anything to do with him. Sneha and Dwarkesh secretly register their marriage. Uma tries to create conflict by revealing this. However, Raghavan accepts the marriage when he learns that Dwarkesh and Sneha are cousins ​​and have a ceremonial wedding.

Uma tries to be a better person, but her daughter Kushi is not willing to accept her. For example, Sneha accepts Karunakaran as her father - her mother was killed by Muthulakshmi - and Kushi does the same with Uma. Karunakaran is sick and Sneha prepares to donate her kidney but finds out that she is pregnant. When Dwarkesh considers abortion to save his father's life, he sends him away from their home, but later believes it was a mistake. Sneha is revealed to be dead, but Kavitha, who looks alike, threatens Dwarkesh and steals money.

Sushma wins the heart of the Mayil family. Muthulakshmi makes plans for Kavitha to impersonate Sneha and kill DK, Karunakaran and Raji, but Kavitha/Sneha is reunited with the Raghavan family instead. To prevent Shankar from forcibly marrying Kashthuri, Dwarakesh marries her instead, but is shocked to see Kavitha later on. Kasturi and Kavitha later fight to become Dwarakesh's wife.

In Poombarai, Sneha is captured by Sudhakar, but is released after rescuing his psychotic brother Dhanush. However, Dhanush tries to force her to marry her and is arrested by Dwarakesh and Sudhakar.

Sushma gives birth to a son. Sushma and Sneha are jailed for burying Rahul under Sushma's bed. They are blamed by Rahul's mother even though Muthulakshmi's sister Kanagadurga is behind her. Sushma is later captured by a servant of Durga, but they are all killed. Sushma returns home and the Mayil family and the Raghavan-Karunakaran family go their separate ways to live happily ever after.

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