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Talkradio (in talkRADIO style) is a nationwide talk radio station in the UK, which was relaunched on March 21, 2016. Based in London and owned by Wireless Group, a subsidiary of News Corp., it is the Sister station of Talksport National Stations. (originally known as Talk Radio UK), Talksport 2, Virgin Radio UK, and Times Radio.

The original Talk Radio began in February 1995 using the AM wavelengths previously occupied by BBC Radio 1 (1053/1089 kHz). It saw several different presenters perform shows in its first two years, but it settled on a regular schedule with presenters such as Carol McGiffin, Scott Chisholm, Anna Raeburn, Tommy Boyd, and Mike Dickin.

It failed to generate sufficient income and, in the late 1990s, it introduced sports production that increased audiences. In 2000, the station changed its name to Talksport and most of the programming was sporting in nature, in addition to the overnight stays and the mid-morning program. In March 2012, this 39-hour block of non-sports content was removed from the station.

The introduction of a new DAB multiplex allowed Talkradio to relaunch on DAB on March 21, 2016. [3] At launch, the station featured hosts Paul Ross, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Sam Delaney, Jon Holmes, Jonny Gould and Iain Lee on his Monday through Friday schedule. [3] [4] On weekends, the station features Alexis Conran, Eamonn Holmes, Bob Mills, Martin Roberts, Penny Smith, Jerry Springer, Anna Williamson, and Jake Yapp. The station offers hourly newsletters. Sky News Radio newsletters are broadcast on weekends. The late-night programming originally aired simultaneously from talkSPORT until January 2018.

In January 2018, Talkradio underwent a schedule renewal on weekdays and weekends in an attempt to increase viewership ratings and make the station more news-focused.

In June 2020, Talkradio announced that it would be moving from DAB to DAB +. The DAB + signal began airing on June 9 along with the DAB signal. The DAB signal stopped broadcasting on June 26.

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