Germany - Sat 1 Live Tv

Sat.1 is a private German television channel affiliated with the ProsiebenSat.1 Media group. It is the first private television in Germany, which started broadcasting the day before the RTL television broadcast. The channel, which started broadcasting under the name PKS in 1984, was renamed Sat.1 in 1985. At first, the channel, which could only reach 1200 houses, used to broadcast old movies, American-made programs and competitions, but later became known for its own series and television films.

The channel has already chosen to color life as a target. It produces contemporary, admirable, family-friendly, high quality and useful programs. Having a target audience between 30 and 59 years of age, the channel adopts a versatile television broadcasting and appeals to both the heart and mind of the audience. He has an impressive television broadcast, with his German-made fiction, the largest live football package in Europe, award-winning comedy series, top American-made series, creative program ideas, and more than six hours a day magazine shows.


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