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Ruai TV is a local television station in West Kalimantan. This television station focuses on broadcasts about Pontianak regional culture and local news. Ruai TV's headquarters is in Jl. October 28 No. 25-26 Siantan Hulu, Pontianak.

Ruai TV is a television station founded by local activists. In West Kalimantan, Ruai TV is known as Dayak television. Several local television stations have been set up by activists in Indonesia, but at that time this television station was bought by a large television company from Jakarta. Ruai TV is one of the local television channels that continues to grow to this day.

It was first launched on 7 July 2007 with a field coverage in Pontianak City, Kubu Raya and Pontianak Regency. Ruai TV was originally founded by the Pancur Kasih Movement. Ruai TV legally became a local television channel after obtaining a 10-year first broadcast business license in 2011.

Ruai TV broadcasts only 2 hours a day at the time of its broadcast. Broadcast hours increase as time passes. In 2009, Ruai TV broadcasts 4 hours a day. In 2010, Ruai increased its broadcast by 10 hours. Since 2010, Ruai TV has received a temporary IPP and in 2011 it received a Main IPP. And in 2013, Ruai TV increased its broadcast time to 16 hours a day.

Ruai TV has been broadcasting via satellite since 2013, thus expanding the reach of its viewers through Palapa D. By broadcasting using satellite, Ruai TV broadcasts can now reach all of Indonesia.

Ruai TV can be a tool to bond civil society movements and the economy of the people and contribute to reconciliation and peacebuilding in the Equatorial World.

Ruai TV can be watched over 43 UHF for the Pontianak region and Palapa D with a frequency of 3942 / V / 15800 in Indonesia.

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