Netherlands - RTV Drenthe Live


RTV Drenthe is the regional public radio and television broadcaster for the Dutch province of Drenthe. This was created after the split of Radio Noord (until then the regional station for Groningen and Drenthe) in 1989. The station is located in Assen, since 2004 in the former Rijks Hogere Burgerschool in the Beilerstraat.

Radio Drenthe broadcasts 24 hours a day. The channel brings news, music and talk shows, a small part of which is presented in Drenthe. TV Drenthe offers an average of one hour of broadcast time per day, usually a combination of the daily regional news and a weekly theme programme. Broadcasts begin at 5 p.m. The transmissions are repeated during the rest of the afternoon and evening. RTV Drenthe is the regional emergency channel for Drenthe.

In 2014, RTV Drenthe celebrated its 25th anniversary with a 25-hour broadcast of listeners' favorite songs on October 25 and 26 and an open house on November 1, which was visited by 3,000 interested parties. Drenthe artists Tim Roos, René Karst, Erika Karst and the Drenthe band Mooi Wark also performed there.

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