Netherlands - RTV Dordrecht Live


RTV Dordrecht is the local public radio and television station for the city of Dordrecht, in the Dutch province of South Holland. RTV Dordrecht offers its radio broadcasts under the name Drechtstad FM and its television broadcasts under the name TV Dordrecht. The old name of RTV Dordrecht is Television Radio Omroep Merwestad (TROM).

Drechtstad FM is the local radio station for Dordrecht. The channel can be received in Dordrecht via cable on 105.9 MHz, in a large part of Drechtsteden via the airwaves on 95.7 MHz, and throughout the world via live broadcast. Drechtstad FM broadcasts 24/7 and offers its own programs.

   This station previously broadcast under the name of TROM, then the name changed to Exxact FM due to a change of production company.

Finally, in July 2004, the station returned to operation under its own management under the name Drechtstad FM. Drechtstad FM regularly reports on the location of the main events in Dordrecht.

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