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Realitatea TV (Romanian pronunciation: [re.aliˈtate̯a teˈve], meaning "Reality TV") is the former name of Romanian news television channel Realitatea Plus. The channel started broadcasting as a general television channel in 2001 and became Romania's first news television channel in 2002. Its owners are Romanian politician Cozmin Gușă and businessman Maricel Păcuraru.

Following bankruptcy in 2011 and bankruptcy in 2019, the station lost its license on October 31, 2019. The channel began broadcasting, including commercials, on 1 November 2019 on Realitatea Plus, a public channel outside Romania via satellite in 2015. Realitatea Plus has a slightly modified version of the previous Realitatea TV logo.

Realitatea TV started broadcasting in 2001 as a general television channel. However, it started broadcasting hourly news programs and soon changed its format, becoming the first news television in Romania. Prigoană brought in Ion Cristoiu to oversee the channel and increase its audience.

In 2004 Silviu Prigoană sold the network to an Italian company, then to Petrom, which lost it to Sorin Ovidiu Vântu in 2006. Vântu is at times accused of using his television to manipulate public opinion against President Basescu and his party.

After the channel went bankrupt in 2011, Vântu sold the channel to businessman Elan Schwarzenberg, and the management of the media group was under the control of Sebastian Ghiță. In 2013 the station was bought by Cozmin Gușă and Maricel Păcuraru.

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