Ukraine - RADA Parliament Tv Live - Телеканал Рада

Parliamentary TV channel «RADA» (Ukrainian: Парламентський телеканал «РАДА») is the official television channel of the Ukrainian parliament (Verkhovna Rada).

It showed live broadcasts of parliamentary meetings and other programs related to the law-making process until it was relaunched in December 2021. After December 2021, RADA was a government-owned, 24/7 news and informational TV channel. The channel was founded in 1998 and is financed from the state budget.

According to UDAR Deputy Iryna Herashchenko in December 2013, the channel mostly ignored Euromaidan's pro-European rallies while broadcasting speeches and statements by members of the government and rallies organized by the Party of Regions (and thus not covering the activities of all parliamentary groups and deputies). opposition and independent MPs).

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