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Pars TV in Southern California started broadcasting in Farsi and is now one of Iran's most respected and well-known media outlets, with millions of viewers from all over the world, 24 hours a day.

Engineer Amir Shajreh, founder of Pars TV, worked as a technical engineer and communications science specialist for ten years before immigrating to the United States.

Pars TV, which has professional and trained program producers, offers its production programs to the audience with its experience in radio, television and press, with Galaxy 19 satellite in the USA and Canada, Hotbird in Iran and Europe and UBI Cable in Australia.

Pars TV is an Iranian media outlet promoting awareness, freedom and human rights in a global network and working with Iran's freedom-loving nation to institutionalize democracy and realize the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Expanding the scope of its activities with the support and financial support of the audience, Pars TV continues its national and global goals in determining Iranian culture, history and humanitarian beliefs by using existing technology.

Pars TV has managed to reach the highest and highest position in the Persian media over the years, and this value and credibility as a national support, capital of effort and service.

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