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NOS Youth News is a news program from NOS that focuses on children ages 9-12.


Youth News began on January 5, 1981 on the 25th anniversary of the NOS Journaal and was presented by Leontien Ceulemans.[2] The show was initially shown five times a week (there were no broadcasts during the summer). Since September 10, 2000, the Jeugdjournaal has also been broadcast on Sundays. Since then it has been on view 7 days a week.

On September 5, 2005, NOS started with, a short 5-minute evening broadcast on Z@pp. On September 6, 2010, this afternoon bulletin was replaced by a morning broadcast at 8:45 am on Zapp. The morning version of NOS Youth News is broadcast from Studio 10, where the daily NOS Journal bulletins also come from. The evening broadcast comes from Estudio 8, where the Diario NOS at 6 and 8 p.m. also comes from.

During the Gouden Televizier-Ring Gala on October 23, 2009, the NOS Jeugdjournaal won the Gouden Stuiver, the audience award for best youth programme, after six nominations. NOS Youth News beat Het Klokhuis and Sesame Street with this.

From October 2009 to April 2011, the Jeugdjournaal Magazine appeared every month.

From the beginning of the program, news readers read the weather forecast at the end of Youth News. Between May 20, 2000 and September 15, 2007, the 'Celsie' weather girl was on display. 'Celsie' showed the weather for the next day in a 10-second animation.[5] Beginning in October 2000, the presenter read the weather forecast off-screen. As of December 17, 2005, Celsie only appeared in the weather leader, followed by a weather map showing the weather for each region.

The musical and visual design used in 2016 came into use on May 27, 2012.

Beginning August 21, 2017, the Youth News evening broadcasts will be at 7:00 p.m. m. instead of 6:45 p.m. m. The duration was extended from 10 to 20 minutes. Because NOS Jeugdjournaal also started broadcasting on Sundays, the NOS/NTR Zapp Weekly news stopped.

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