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Mir 24 is a new format of information broadcasting, a specialized TV channel that will provide information from all CIS member states around the clock, promptly, reliably and impartially. The task of the new channel is to promote integration processes in the Commonwealth space and show them in development. It is being developed on the basis of the Mir Interstate TV and Radio Company in addition to the existing general format TV channels of the Mir MTRK.

The difference between Mira 24 and the existing TV channel of the general format of the Mir TV channel is that the density of news, information-analytical and documentary programs is significantly increasing.

“The level of our integration within the Commonwealth has become so high that there is a need to create a specialized Eurasian channel about the integration processes of our society. Distinctive features of Mir-24 are information richness, operational planning, broadcasting of speeches from summits, press conferences, briefings, holidays and other events of public life of the Commonwealth, "said the chairman of MTRK Mir, Radik Batyrshin.

The target audience of the Mir 24 TV channel is socially active people with higher education, aged 25 to 55, living in large cities of the CIS countries.

At the forefront of the choice of content is the idea of ​​preserving interethnic communication, the common economic, informational and cultural space of the CIS.

The project is financed jointly by the founding states of MTRK Mir. As a reminder, on September 28, 2012, the CIS Council of Heads of Government approved the project of the Mir 24 news channel at its summit in Yalta.

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