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After performing at the Bodø Hardcore Festival in 2005, The Faceless Masses praised them as "one of the fastest and most technical bands in Norway today". Following the release of an EP, they began recording a full-length debut album for a release in early 2007, but due to illness on the band, this release was postponed until 2008.

The Manhattan Skyline was created in Oslo in 2002 by drummer Steffen Sæther-Larsen, guitarist Fredrik Melby and singer Hans Marius Midtgarden. Then members of Kaospilot, Slingshot Idol, The Break Quintet and Next Life came in and left.

In October 2003, they recorded their EP debut, Tarantula Arms, a 3 "MCD with seven songs at off-time.

With the departure of bassist Anders Braut Simonsen and guitarist Christian Johansen, the band used several part-time bassists while looking for a permanent member. A long search resulted in the selection of Sigurd Mæle.


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