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Lok Sabha TV is an Indian cable TV channel from the Government of India that covers central government procedures and other public relations programs. Its mission is to make the work of the parliamentary and legislative bodies of India accessible to all. The channel broadcasts and records the live broadcast of the Lok Sabha (lower house of parliament), and the Rajya Sabha broadcasts the sessions of the Rajya Sabha (upper house of parliament).

Separate parliamentary hearings have been broadcast in India since 1989, when the president's address to parliament was broadcast. After 1994, hours of interrogation of both cells were broadcast alternately live on satellite television and All India Radio. Radio broadcasts were scheduled to ensure that during a given week, hearings in both chambers were broadcast, one on television and the other on radio.

In 2006, DD Lok Sabha was replaced by Lok Sabha TV (LSTV), a 24-hour Hindi and English television station exclusively owned and operated by Lok Sabha, broadcasting live broadcasts on Lok Sabha, as well as various cultural and educational programs. programs. and group discussions when Lok Sabha is not in session

Lok Sabha TV is currently headed by Aashish Joshi, Chief Executive Officer and Editor-in-Chief, renowned journalist and media and broadcasting specialist, and current editor of the national channel. The channel's programming is directed by Sumit Singh (Program Manager), a journalist and media specialist who also hosts the popular Know Your MP and Technology show under the direction of Abhishek Agrawal, Senior Technical Manager.

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