USA - La Plata Railroad Live Cam in USA

Look at the quiet bustle of an existing train station in the prairie town of La Plata, Missouri. La Plata Station is a refurbished Art Deco depot that serves the Amtrak Southwest Chief line, an intercity route between Chicago and Los Angeles. Served daily on trains, you can listen to crickets singing in the heat, watch how cars slowly ride on rails, and wait for trains to arrive.

Provided by Virtual Railfan, two static webcams show a wide view of the Marceline BNSF Railway division at milepost 312.7. In real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the webcam offers clear video and audio from 50 to 70 freight trains running in 24 hours, as well as two passenger train stops made by the south-west of Amtrak. Main "; In the morning, train number 4 to the east, and in the evening, train number 3 to the west.

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