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KBS World is the international broadcasting service of the Korea Broadcasting System. It consists of KBS World Radio, KBS World TV Station and KBS Korea.

KBS radio broadcasting in foreign languages ​​(before being converted to the public in March 1973) began in 1953 as the Voice of Free Korea. In July 1968, he officially became part of KBS. The radio station was renamed Radio Korea in March 1973 and Radio Korea International in August 1994.

In July 2003, the international television channel KBS World began broadcasting, targeting Koreans overseas. In March 2005, Radio Korea International became KBS World Radio. Most of the programs are subtitled for the audience to which they are broadcast in languages ​​such as English, Chinese, Malay, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.

KBS World television programming is sourced from KBS's internal television services. It is mainly broadcast in Korean, but there are also subtitles in English, Malay and Chinese.

KBS World operates four separate entertainment services operated by subsidiaries of KBS that are tailored for specific markets: the Japanese version of KBS World, operated by KBS Japan, targets Japanese audiences, the Indonesian version from KBS World, operated by OKTN, targets Indonesian audiences, while KBS America (in English) and KBS Latino (in Spanish) target audiences in the Americas.

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