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Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) (Korean: 한국 방송 공사; Hanja: 韓國 放送 公社; RR: Han-guk Bangsong Gongsa; MR: Han'guk Pangsong Kongsa) is the national public broadcaster of South Korea. It was founded in 1927 and operates radio, television and online services, being one of the largest television networks in South Korea.

KBS started as Keijo Broadcasting Station (경성 방송국, 京城 放送 局) with the call sign JODK, created by the Governor General of Korea on February 16, 1927. It became the Chōsen Broadcasting Corporation (Japanese: 朝鮮 放送 協会, Hepburn: Chōsen Hōsō Kyōkai, RR: Joseon Bangsong Hyeobhoe) in 1932. This second radio station began using the call sign HLKA in 1947 after the Republic of Korea obtained the prefix ITU HL. After airing a national broadcast, the radio was renamed Seoul Central Broadcasting Station in 1948.kbs busan hall, kbs busan hall capacity, kbs rollobend, kbs 95,

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