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K24 TV is a TV station established in Kenya in 2007 and launched on February 4, 2008. K24 was the first Kenyan television station to broadcast live on the internet , when it gave diaspora audiences a taste of real Kenyan stories that were actually told.

K24 Kenya receives 3.1 monitoring time (hours) per week. Founded in 2009 and is now backed by Mediamax Network Ltd, one of the fastest growing media houses in Kenya. K24 TV is the group that hosts the local channel Kameme FM, the free newspaper People Daily and several radio stations: Kameme FM, Mayian FM, Emoo Fm, Meru FM and Msenangu FM

K24 has been streaming on YouTube since 2008,  the channel posted more than 3,000 videos and received more than 101.1 million views and 197,975 subscribers.

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