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PT Indosiar Visual Mandiri, doing business as Indosiar, is an Indonesian wireless television network. It broadcasts nationwide on UHF and can be received on PAL analog televisions installed in the Indonesian archipelago on January 11, 1994 and on the air since January 11, 1995. Owned by Elang Mahkota Teknologi since 2011, and from 1 May 2013 ultimately operated by its subsidiary Surya Citra Media.

The station places great emphasis on cultural programs such as Wayang performances (no longer broadcast) and Dangduut talent shows. Recently, sports programs and television series have appeared occasionally.

Indosiar has shown several Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese dramas such as "Goblin", "Hwang Ji Ni" (or "Hwag Jin Yi"), "Jewel in the Palace" (Dae Chang Geum), "Princess Watch" (Goong), " Prince's Watch ”(Goong S),“ Full House ”. Children Up to Flowers, My Fair Lady, Boundless, Stylish, Brilliant Legacy, Great Queen Son Dok, 18-29, all from Korea; One Liter of Tears (or Not One Liter of Namida) from Japan, Ultraman Moebius, Detective Konan and Hanazakari no Kimitachi e; and "Romance in the White House" and "Starlight" from Taiwan.

Other popular Indo-Sian programs include vocal competitions such as Akademi Fantasi Indosiar, a search for Indonesia's most popular singing talent; Super Soulmate Show; Mom mia; and Stardut. The Supersoulmate Show, hosted by Eco Patrio and Ruben Onsu; Denny Kagur and Ruben Onso hosted Mamamia; and Stardut, hosted by Choky Sitohang.

The radio station has sought to gain more popularity through reality TV shows such as Take Me Out Indonesia, a dating show that launched in 2009. In 2014, Indosiar released new entertainment shows Dangdut Academy, Comedy Academy, D T3rong Show, and Goyang-goyang Senggol.

In 2013, Indosiar aired religious television series from Mega Kreasi Films and soap operas from Amanah Surga Productions, as well as co-aired with SCTV. Today, religious dramas have become the most popular daytime shows on TV, and the Dangduut talent shows are broadcast in the evenings. These programs are broadcast daily.

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