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News18 Lokmat is a joint venture between Network 18 and Lokmat Media Ltd.

with cutting-edge content that is projected in the most impartial and influential way. The channel has spearheaded many news initiatives to reflect on the "true spirit" of the people and organizations of Maharashtra.

He has led from the front when it comes to reporting on all the news that has deserved importance and impact on the production and well-being of the “State of Maharashtra”. The channel also seeks opportunities and partnerships that will go a long way in defining the skill of the various facets that will put Maharashtra at the focal point of attention and attraction.

Some of the popular shows on News18 Lokmat are Salaam Maharashtra, Maharashtranama, Prime Time @ 9, Aajcha Sawaal, Reportage, Show Time, Sports Time, etc. Phandarapur - Vari, 10 days of Ganeshotsav, Diwali, etc.

News18 Lokmat has won more than 95 state and national awards in the last 6 years for its news and program presentations.

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