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GMA News and PR (formerly RBS News Department, GMA Radio-Television News and GMA Rainbow Satellite News and commonly known as GMA News) is the news and public affairs division of GMA Network Inc.

The division includes free TV channels (GMA Network and GTV), news, public relations, infotainment programs for the national radio station (Super Radio DZBB 594), and more recently sports and entertainment programs affiliated with and affiliated with regional TV and radio stations. produces. Philippines as well as international TV channels (GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV and GMA News TV International).

The GMA News division traces its origins to the Republican Broadcasting System (RBS) created by Robert Stewart in 1950. The programming of the flagship AM radio station DZBB relied heavily on news coverage. The station covered the eruption of Mount Hibok-Hibok in 1951, as well as the election and death of former Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay.

Although Channel 7 RBS was founded in 1961, by the 1970s GMA had become one of the most popular television news outlets in the country. In 1983, Channel 7 became the first channel to report Nina Aquino's death, and later became the only TV channel to broadcast her funeral. The channel was also the first station to broadcast the split between Ramos and Enrile that led to the popular power revolution, also known as the EDSA revolution. In 1998, GMA teamed up with The Philippine Daily Inquirer to cover that year's election.

GMA News has pioneered local television news in many ways. In 1998, GMA became the first television network to fully cover Filipino news on the GMA Network News nightly program hosted by Mike Henriquez and Vicky Morales. GMA was one of the first women in television journalism.

Tina Monzon-Palma (switched to TV5, later ABS-CBN) was one of the first female hosts when she first promoted News at Seven, one of the most watched news programs of the 1970s. Helen Vela was the first woman. He was a Filipino newscaster for GMA Balita in 1986, and Mel Tiangko was Frontpage's first one-night stand in 1999.

During martial law by then-President Ferdinand Marcos, the GMA was the first to broadcast an hourly newscast program. The GMA News Roundup was broadcast from 1974 to 1976. The program was later replaced by GMA News Digest in 1976, GMA News Live in 1987, GMA Flash Report in 2002, GMA News Update in 2016, and renamed 24 Oras News Alert in 2020. ... In the 1980s, GMA also took the lead, becoming the first television network to broadcast prime time late weekdays and weekends.

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