Ukraine - Glas TV Live


Glas (Ukrainian: Глас) is a Ukrainian satellite TV channel. Glas publishes humane, creative, educational programs based on high ethical principles.

Glas is aimed at an audience of all ages. Most audiences are active, independent people interested in cultural history, world and national heritage. The channel broadcasts exclusively original programs of its own production and stays out of politics. There are no ads on the channel.

Glas broadcasts its programs to Novosibirsk, Nizhnevartovsk and Vorkuta with a total of 1.2 billion people via the "Sirius 4" satellite covering Europe, the Middle East and Russia. Satellite broadcasting of 2-hour blocks is also provided by the state company «International Branch of Television and Radio of Ukraine», with a total of 980 million people, via the satellite «HELLAS SAT 4» (Europe and Asia) and the satellite «Intelsat 3R» (North America). In Ukraine, Glas is broadcast by 150 cable companies and about 100 air companies.

Many programs of the channel have won awards from international film festivals and state awards. These include the International Film Festival «Pokrov» Gran Prix, the International Christian Film Festival, the International Documentary Film Festival «Kinolitopys», «Zolotyj Georgij», the Film Festival «Radonezh», the International Orthodox Film Festival «Zustrich» and « St. Andrij's. Crux». The channel has been awarded the honorary diploma of the Government of Ukraine and the awards of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs TV-Channel Glas, it produces promotional films about Ukraine.

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