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KDVR, Virtual Channel 31 (UHF Digital Channel 36), is a Fox-owned television station licensed for Denver, Colorado, USA. The station is owned by the Nexstar Media Group as part of a duopoly with a CW KWGN-TV affiliate (channel 2). The two stations share studios on East Spire Boulevard in the vicinity of Denver Spire (south of ABC's KMGH-TV studios, channel 7); The KDVR transmitter is located on the top of Lookout Mountain, next to Golden. The cable station is available on Comcast Xfinity 13 and CenturyLink Prism 31.

The KFCT (Virtual Channel 22, UHF Digital Channel 21) in Fort Collins operates as a regular KDVR satellite; The transmitter of this station is located on top of Mount Cone, near the city. KFCT covers areas of northern Colorado, being the only full-featured television station in this area that receives signal from the limit to nonexistent from KDVR, although in other cases there is significant overlap between the KDVR and KFCT signal coverage areas (including Fort Collins), neighboring cities are Greeley, Windsor and Longmont) KFCT - direct simultaneous transmission of KDVR; KFCT broadcasting channels are limited to recognition by the FCC for hourly stations during news releases and other programs. In addition to the transmitter, KFCT does not support local presence in Fort Collins.

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