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WXIX-TV, virtual channel 19 (UHF digital channel 15), is a Fox-owned television station serving Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, licensed in Newport, Kentucky (as such, it is the only commercial television station in Cincinnati licensed for communities on the Kentucky market side). The station is owned by Gray Television. WXIX-TV Studios are located at 19 Broadcast Plaza on Seventh Street, west of Cincinnati city center, and its transmitter is located in the South Fairmount area on the northwest side of the city.

By cable, the station is available on Channel 3 of the Spectrum Charter in Ohio and Channel 4 in Kentucky, and on Channel 3 of the Cincinnati Bell. WXIX-TV began to function as an independent station on August 1, 1968; it was founded by the American Communications Corporation, which also owned independent UHF radio stations — WATL-TV in Atlanta, WPGH-TV in Pittsburgh, WPHL-TV in Philadelphia, and KEMO-TV (now KOFY-TV) in San Francisco.]

It was located in joint ownership. an American communications corporation (a subsidiary of AVC Corporation), a Philadelphia radio station that owns 80% of the shares, and the remaining 20% ​​by Daniel H. Overmayer Previously, Overmyer sold a majority stake (80%) in permits for the construction of stations in Atlanta, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Houston on March 28, 1967, with FCC approval for their sale on December 8, 1967.

After selling the AVC, Overmier planned to launch Channel 19 at the end of 1966 as a WSCO-TV, named after his wife, Shirley Clark Overmier. WXIX-TV was the first new commercial station on the market since 1949 and the second UHF station in the area (behind PBS WCET member station, channel 48). The original channel allocation tables set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) did not have channel 19 in the Cincinnati market. The building permit issued by Overmyer on March 10, 1965, is for channel 74. On August 10, 1965, Overmyer requested a change in distribution from channel 74 to 19, which was made in the next release of the distribution table a year later.

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