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KPTV, Virtual and VHF Digital Channel 12 is a Fox-connected television station licensed in Portland, Oregon, USA. The station is owned by Iowa Local Meredith Corporation, a subsidiary of De Moines in Meredith Local Media, as part of a farmer from Vancouver in Washington, KPDX, a subsidiary of MyNetworkTV (channel 49).

While the two stations share their studios at NW Greenbrier Parkway in Beaverton and the transmitters at the Portland's Sland-Highlands branch, initial control and some internal operations are located at Meredith's headquarters on the west coast in the studios of the CBS KPHO-TV subsidiary station. In Phoenix, Arizona.

KPTV aired on Oregon's first television station on September 20, 1952. KPTV was originally broadcast on Channel 27, making it the first commercial television station to broadcast in the UHF band of the country. (the first UHF experimental station is Bridgeport, Connecticut's KC2XAK on channel 24). The station was originally owned by Empire Coil. As the only television station in Portland at the time, he programmed from all four networks of the time: ABC, CBS, NBC, and DuMont Television Network.

CBS programming was excluded from the KPTV program when the first VHF radio station in Portland, KOIN-TV (channel 6), was first signed on October 15, 1953. KPTV later became the main sponsor of NBC, and also continued to broadcast some ABC and DuMont programs.


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