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Euronews is a multilingual news channel broadcasting in Europe. The channel started broadcasting on January 1, 1993, based in Lyon. The news reflects world news from a European perspective and broadcasts in ten languages.

Euronews broadcasts to 330 million households in 151 countries worldwide. 179 million of these households are composed of Europeans who follow the channel from cable, satellite and terrestrial broadcasting, considering that CNN International broadcasts to 147 million, BBC World News 88 million and CNBC Europe to 76 million Europeans. corresponds to the audience. In terms of the number of spectators, Euronews is the news channel with the highest audience in the European continent.

The overall news published by Euronews is news compiled from the agencies of the European Broadcasting Union. While the news is presented to the audience on television, it is presented through a narrator like every channel. In addition, interesting images compiled from around the world, such as the "No Comment" program, are also provided with news that consists only of images without external sound. No Comment, based on the idea that Euronews "the task of a news channel must provide its viewers with sufficient information to form their own views about the world"

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