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DW Español1 (previously known as DW Latin America) is a Latin American subscription television channel of German origin, a subsidiary of the international chain Deutsche Welle for Latin America. Its signal is also received in the United States, Brazil, Spain, Andorra, Equatorial Guinea and the Caribbean.

Deutsche Welle Television began broadcasting worldwide in April 1992.4 The broadcasts began with six hours a day of satellite programming in German and English. Some months later, the broadcasts were extended to fourteen hours, and in July 1993 to sixteen hours a day, at which time Spanish was incorporated as a third language to the programming.

On January 1, 1999, the most important repositioning of the station took place. From that moment on, news and information became the focus of DW-TV programming.5 The dissemination of cultural information was also of great importance. The structure and contents of the programming are adapted and expanded, according to the evolution of the international scene, the audience analysis and the objective of including in an efficient general conception the image of Germany that is disseminated abroad.

In February 2012, Deutsche Welle renewed its programming, the image and the logo of the channel, 7 and expanded the signal in Spanish from two to twenty hours a day.8 9 In September 2012, DW (Latin America) was born and increased the 24-hour programming.2 Since February 2017, DW (Latin America) has been renamed DW (Spanish).

Currently, the CEO of DW is Peter Limbourg.11 The director of the departments of DW (Spanish) and DW (Brazil) for Latin America is Uta Thofern.12 The head of television programs in Spanish is Carlos Delgado.

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