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The Voice of Germany or Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany's international broadcaster to the outside world, and it is one of the world's largest foreign-oriented radio stations. The station works to introduce Germany, publish its original image, and support cultural exchange through television and radio stations and the Internet.

Peter Limburg has been the General Director of the German DW Media Foundation since 2013.The Voice of Germany slogan until 2012

The former Voice of Germany building, the Blue Tower was intended for offices and consists of 34 floors, and the Red Tower is the transmission studio and consists of 24 floors, which began construction in 1974 by the planning team, Steldorf

The Arabic section was founded on April 1, 1959, and was the first to broadcast in a non-European language. This indicates the extent of the German Radio’s interest in its listeners in Arab countries. The 

Arabic section of Voice of Germany works with editors from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Algeria, Lebanon, Palestine, Morocco, Yemen, and Germany, of course, and a number of dealers in the piece and correspondents in various parts of the world, especially correspondents in Arab countries, centers of international organizations and major countries participate in the program. 

The main program is the daily news magazine with events that present to the listener everything of international importance from the events of the hour and their background, and it is natural that important immediate events in the Arab region occupy a major place in this magazine in addition to German foreign policy, especially towards.

Arab countries and European unity, and their effects on the relationship Europe and Germany in the Arab world, in addition to political reports and analyzes, there are important daily programs such as the cultural calendar that sheds light on the most important cultural, intellectual and artistic events in Germany and the 

Arab world and at the international level and the economic magazine and news of the world of sports and its events and audience mail in addition to various weekly programs such as the Women, Tourism, Science and Environment program Medicine, music, youth and German language lessons. On December 1, 2011, the broadcasting of the Arab division was stopped, after more than fifty years of broadcasting.

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