Azerbaijan - DÜNYA TV Azerbaycan


Dunya TV started its broadcasting life on November 15, 1998. 1999 - Itiban Gener Bir Izleichi Kitlsine Ulaşmay Beşar Kanalı, 2005 - Ulsal Shapta Yayn Licensa Arak Liksansa Devam Etmete.Dünya TV

On the screens of Azerbaijani and world news, there are various political and debating programs on the channel, where important guests are guests. In Gyundyush Kushan, women can give an idea of ​​how the students work, including the eleanceis theme in the evenings, when the channel is hosted by the waving ayle and heit programmer.

World TV brings images of the replays of your daily program to be able to use these broadcasts. 2005 Itibaren Uibu Uyu Yayyny Gechen Dyunya T.V., Azerspace-1 Uidusu Yuserinden Ekran Heliyor. The channel has an audience in Azerbaijan. It is possible to watch a large part of Russia and World TV in Turkey within the broadcast area of ​​the satellite.

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