Russia - DOMASHNİY Live Tv

Home or Home (Russian pronunciation: [dɐˈmaʂnʲɪj]) (Russian: Home, literally: “Home channel”, “Internal channel”) is a television network intended for viewers aged 25-60. It was launched in March 2005. Domashniy was aimed at creating programs to attract an attractive audience, demanded by advertisers, but traditionally underserved by broadcasters.

CTC Media created the Domashny brand in 2005 from scratch. Today Domashny has a potential audience of 63 million people. In 2007, the average share of Domashny's audience in the target audience was 2.4% against 1.7% in 2006.

The Domashny network in 2005 included four stations belonging to it. Today it has more than 230 branches, including 13 owned and operated stations.

The Home program focuses on issues of interest to women, including health, family, career, style and fashion. The most popular shows on Domashniy include the Family Law Show and the Medical Malpractice Show. The Patients League.sitcom.

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