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Deutsche Welle (shortly DW) is a media organization that broadcasts from Bonn and Berlin in Germany to abroad in 30 different languages ​​on radio, television and the internet. Radio and internet service are available in Bonn. It was known as the Voice of Germany during the Cold War.

The mission of the organization, which started its broadcasting life in Cologne on 3 May 1953, was to be a source of information for German citizens living outside Germany and to erase the negative image of Germany left by Hitler Germany in the world. With the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961, the organization, which followed an anti-East Germany, pro-West Germany publishing policy, renewed its publishing principles and adopted a neutral understanding with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Deutsche Welle, which added television broadcasts to its radio programs in 1992, expanded its area of ​​influence.

Turkish publications of the organization started on 1 July 1962. He still continues Turkish radio and internet broadcasts under the direction of journalist Baha Güngör. It has a broadcasting partnership with NTV Radio. Recently, NTV frequently connects to the Deutsche Welle Turkish section and receives video news about Germany from there. In addition, other Turkish media organizations frequently refer to the views of Deutsche Welle Turkish service on German and European issues.

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