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TV Derana is Sri Lanka's private terrestrial entertainment channel broadcasting to Sri Lanka. Launched on October 11, 2005, it is one of the most popular television networks in the country. [Quote Needed] Its main transmission tower is on Mount Kikilimana, and coverage is spread across the country through eight transmission towers.

The channel is available on digital media via Dialog TV, PEO TV and the recently launched OTT platform GLUUOO. Derana streams contemporary content that upholds the values ​​of Sri Lanka on its platforms “අපේ දේ රැකගෙන, අලුත් දේ අරගෙන” / “Ape De Rakagena, Aluth De Aragena” (Keep our own and embrace new ones).

The channel is heavily focused on high-quality programming that meets the strict expectations of viewers in the two premium socio-economic categories SEC A and SEC B. TV Derana is currently the # 1 TV channel in Sri Lanka according to LMRB searches at the end of 2017. The channel has maintained this position since March 2017.

TV Derana has won 7 awards at the recently concluded SLIM (Sri Lanka Marketing Institute) - Nielsen Peoples Awards 2020, including TV Channel of the Year, Youth's People's TV Channel of the Year and News Provider of the Year. (Ada Derana). This was the first time a local channel has received such a number of awards at this prestigious research-based awards ceremony. TV Derana won these awards last year, including the largest Local Brand of the Year award.

TV Derana also holds the record for the number of programs on one channel and is one of the ten most rated programs. According to the latest LMRB research, TV Derana has eight programs in the top 10, including the first two programs in the country.

In October 2014, TV Derana was named the first and only Multi-Channel Network (MCN) YouTube in Sri Lanka.

TV Derana's YouTube presence quickly became a monumental part of the broadcast giant's success as its popular Sinhala programming became available to viewers on multiple screens around the world. TV Derana also became the first channel in Sri Lanka to reach 1 million subscribers and 1 billion views in 2019.

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