California Music Channel (CMC) is an American television television television network based in the San Francisco Bay area. It is one of the oldest local music video television stations in the world. Since 1982, CMC has been broadcasting the hottest music videos over the air in the Gulf area. Over the past 38 years, CMC has grown from a one-hour program to two 24-hour stations with simultaneous digital broadcasting capabilities.

CMC is constantly adapting to global technology to find new ways to enrich the life of its loyal audience. Live broadcasts include disc jockeys, audience participation and contemporary music videos. It is owned by CMC Broadcasting Company, Inc. CMC is used as a digital broadcast network at thirteen northern California television stations originating from KKPM.

The CMC was founded on August 31, 1981 by Rick Kurkjian, which debuted on March 1, 1982, as a half-hour television show 12 times a week on Teleprompter on Auckland's 12th channel. CMC expands with local original cable channels on Concord TV Cable Ch. 11, Viacom Cable of San Francisco, chap. 6, Viacom Marin and Castro Valley Cable TV.

After a little over a year on local cable channels, CMC began releasing the program on Saturday night on KCSM-TV Ch 60 in San Mateo. CMC broadcast was carried out simultaneously in stereo mode at the sister station KCSM-TV, KCSM-FM 91.1.

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