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Channel 9 (Greek Κανάλι 9) is a Greek TV channel broadcasting in the Attica region. Despite being billed as a news-driven channel, the majority of the channel's programming since the early 2010s has consisted of telemarketing.

In 1992, the channel was launched as Tile Tora, founded by journalist Gregoris Michalopoulos. In January 2000, the channel was bought by Stathis Tsotsoros (Alpha TV) and was renamed POLIS TV, or POLIS for short, and a radio connection was formed in the same year.

Michalopoulos became vice president of the channel. In 2004, the channel was renamed TV Cosmopolis or TVC for short. In 2005, the channel changed ownership again and was temporarily renamed POLIS in preparation for a major overhaul. On 11 October 2005, a fire almost completely destroyed the Alpha TV studios on Agios Ioannis Rentis, where the regional station used to be, as well as some archival material; The station's planned rebranding and new programming at the end of the month were halted, and existing programming was broadcast from Alpha's headquarters in Kants.

In December 2005, the station was renamed Channel 9, broadcasting from studios in Rentis, after another deadline for December 5 had expired. The station's then new programming, which included mainly newsletters, was undertaken by the journalist Nikos Evangelatos, who at the same time hosted the Apodeikseis news program on Alpha. Since then, it has not changed its core 4: 3. In 2010, the channel began to focus on economic shows, with Panagiotis Mpousmpourelisa at the head.

Between 2004 and 2006, the channel was known for strikes by its team and its executives laying off employees. The channel will slowly start constantly broadcasting reruns of other shows, and the station may stop. In late 2006, journalist Nikos Evangelatos was forced to resign due to financial mismanagement, firing all 390 of the station's employees.

Since then, Channel 9 has undergone an economic restructuring that has managed to gradually advance into the new digital age. In February 2007, Channel 9 began broadcasting live from its website. In December 2013, Channel 9 was added to Cosmote TV. It was removed from service in November 2018.

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