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Christian Broadcasting Network (CBC) is an American conservative Christian religious television network and production company. Its headquarters and major studios, founded by television presenter Pat Robertson, are located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. CBN is described as "at the forefront of cultural wars since the inception of the network in the early 1960s."

CBN was founded in 1960 in Portsmouth, Virginia by Pat Robertson, who recently became a resurrected Christian. In late 1961, he began broadcasting religious content funded by small donations from individuals and local churches. One of the company's main pillars is The 700 Club, which uses a religious pop program that combines sermons, interviews and religious music (such as hymns and the gospel).

The name refers to fundraising when Robertson successfully sought out 700 spectators willing to contribute $ 10 per month to support the station. 700 Club is the longest program in pop format. The 700 Club, originally focused on religious content, became more political in the late 1970s, adding news stories.

Today, the network’s journalism division, CBN News, provides news for Club 700 and releases religious news programs such as CBN NewsWatch and Christian World News; In addition, he is releasing a special one-hour prime time reportage that Robertson hosted during the US presidential and mid-term elections on Freeform, which also includes The 700 Club and a half-hour talk show of 700 Club Interactive. CBN also manages online feeds on its website, such as the CBN news feed.

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