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Canal Luz is an Argentine subscription television channel with religious programming, which originates in the city of Rosario, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina. It transmits without encryption on the Hispasat satellite.

Its central studio and satellite teleport are located in the city of Rosario, located at 2144 Gálvez street, and are administered by the Civil Association Iglesia Evangélica Misionera Argentina.

In 1992, the signal began to be transmitted through a cable system in the city of Rosario (JPM), whose radius of reach was about ten blocks around its head. This cable system had some international channels (TVE, TNT, CNN in Spanish, Basque Channel) and local channels (Rural Channel, ATC, Channel 5 Rosario Telefe, Channel 3 Rosario), plus its own signal (Channel 4), at the same time. which was called Canal Luz.3

Until 1994, Canal Luz produced 6 hours a day of imported programming on two S-VHS tapes of 2:50 hours each, which were sent to different emerging cable operators in Argentina and abroad, such as Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador. The production consisted of programs such as Club 700, the Hour of Power, with Juan Carlos Ortiz, Las crusades by Carlos Annacondia, Together for life, by Marfa Cabrera, Conferences, musicals, and films by Billy Graham, with some self-produced programs.

As of 1994, Cana Luz began to be known regionally for its entrance to different cable operators in the city of Rosario and its surroundings, including cities in other Argentine provinces such as Victoria (Entre Ríos) and the city of Córdoba.

In October 2001, Canal Luz was elevated to the Nahuel 1 satellite through its satellite transmission plant located in the city of Rosario, becoming the first digital satellite uplink of a television signal in the city of Rosario and the second in the country. The satellite footprint of Nahuel 1 covered a large part of the American continent, so the signal began to be known internationally, and taken by different distributors from small and large towns in Argentina and South America. In 2004, after the expiration of the contract with Nahuel 1, the channel began to operate with the Hispasat satellite, whose satellite footprint covers the entire Americas.

In 2011, the signal began to be generated in high definition (HD) and was raised to the Hispasat satellite simultaneously in HD and SD. From 2016 to 2020, Canal Luz began to be distributed by DirecTV in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and Peru, and by Cablevisión in Argentina and Uruguay, and by Personal TV in Paraguay, within the Flow platform.

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