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Canal C is an Argentine cable television channel founded on May 10, 2005. Its programming is broadcast mainly in the City of Córdoba and in Greater Córdoba. Since 2015, it is operated by Grupo Showsport.

Canal C was born in 2005, by the hand of the Trettel family. In the beginning, its programming consisted of three magazines and one news program1. In 2010, it already had 50 local productions and more than 14 hours of purely local programming.

In early 2015, Canal C was acquired by the partners of Canal Showsport. At that time, the channel broadcast 24 hours a day and had more than 60 locally produced programs2.

Among its figures stand out referents of local open television, such as Gustavo Tobi, Fabiana Dal Pra, Fernando Genesir and Jorge "Petete" Martinez.

In 2020, after 15 years of existence, Canal C incorporated the slogan "We are with you" to portray the closeness with its Cordovan viewers since the entire programming is purely local3.

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