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The National Television System or SNT is a Paraguayan open television channel launched on September 29, 1965 by Carlos Morinigo Delgado as Canal 9 TV Cerro Corá. The current signal is listed in ZPV 900 TV, it belongs to Albavisión. , which is managed by the SNT Group.

It was launched as the first TV channel in the Republic of Paraguay and has an estimated audience of 4 million inhabitants, corresponding to 57% of the total population (August 2019).

The first predecessors date back to the 1960s, when Decree No. 27808 of 2 April 1963 authorized Televisión Cerro Corá SA (informatively) to operate a television station in Asuncion. The concession of a license to install the first television station in Paraguay was granted a year later to a company founded for this purpose, then headed by Carlos Morinigo Delgado, and the first test transmissions were made from Caacupe to Enrique Biedermann, Humberto Rubin and Camilo Pérez.5

The first Paraguayan TV channel called Canal 9 TV Cerro Corá (currently SNT) began its daily broadcast on September 29, 1965.

On September 29, 1965, Channel 9 of TV Cerro Corá (Televisión Cerro Corá SA), based in Asuncion, began official broadcasting after successive testing phases. Then it was broadcast only a few hours a day. His first radio program was dedicated to the opening of his transmitting station. The broadcast began at 19:00. and was voiced by announcer Ricardo Sanabria, who became the channel's first announcer. On the night of the opening, a documentary was shown on the benefits that television will bring, narrated by Rodolfo Scherer Peralta.

The antenna, transmitter and hallway, which served as a temporary studio, were located on the roof of the Social Security Institute (IPS) building at the corner of Pettirossi and Constitución streets. Argentine technicians trained Paraguayan personnel. Carlos Morinigo and Edith Victoria Ruiz Diaz, only 16 years old, were the first announcers, soon joined by Carmen Diaz Fares de Sanabria, Pablo R. Benítez, Vidalia Cristaldo de Delgado and Edgar von Luken.

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