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Channel 9 of Paraná, commercially known as Nueve Litoral, is an Argentine open television channel that broadcasts from the city of Paraná to the province of Entre Ríos. Retransmits the programming of El Trece de Buenos Aires. Previously, she was a repeater for Channel 9 (today El Nueve) and ATC (today Televisión Pública).

Since January 3, 2014, Channel 9 Litoral began broadcasting in high definition exclusively for Cablevisión customers, available only in Esperanza, San Carlos Centro, Marcelino Escalada, Santa Fe, and Paraná and since July 1, 2019, it transmits in high definition exclusively for Cablevisión customers, at Marcelino Escalada at that time.

On May 23, 1984, the Federal Committee for Radio Diffusion authorized the Government of the Province of Entre Ríos to install a television repeater station in the city of Paraná to retransmit the signal from channel 7 of Buenos Aires, ATC. It started in the mid-1980s as "Canal 9 TVER", it was owned by the provincial government and it retransmitted ATC programming (currently, Televisión Pública Argentina).

In addition, it broadcast its own programming for a few hours. On April 22, 1985, LRI 450 TV Canal 9 de Paraná was created. At that time, the province still did not have its own television channel and depended on the Santa Fe or Buenos Aires channels. With the endorsement of then-governor Sergio Montiel (1983-1987), the station was organized and launched, with Reynaldo Adrián Puig as its first director.

Víctor González, Alfredo Pintos (news chief), Jano Colcerniani, Eduardo Camargo, Raúl Galanti, Santiago Rinaldi, and Ines Ghiggi were the channel's first presenters, with Rubén Noble as technical manager and Tati Vieyra as commercial manager. Its first broadcasts were made from two rooms fitted out in the Retirement Fund building and the transmitting plant at the Paraná Seminary.

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