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C5N (short for Canal 5 Noticias) is a news subscription television channel from Argentina. The second most watched news channel in the country, according to IBOPE, surpasses TN and A24.

It was founded in 2007 by businessman and journalist Daniel Hadad and is run by the operating company Grupo Infobae. It was acquired by Indalo Group in April 2012 and is operated by the same company along with other group media such as Radio 10, and Ámbito Financiero.

The acquisition of the channel was carried out by the businessman and then president of the holding, Cristóbal López, along with other media. In 2016, as part of the restructuring and assets division, the group's multimedia sector was taken over by businessman Fabían de Sousa. (later a Shareholder and Vice President of Cristóbal López in the holding company).

The 8 stations are currently located in the Chacarita district of Buenos Aires City, where in 2017 the production company Showmatch was operating with other media of the group.1

Interview with former US ambassador Vilma Martínez.
It has state-of-the-art equipment, state-of-the-art modern studios, giant LED screens, an integrated writing and editing studio and a drone. He also owns cell phones to broadcast live from the ground, an aerial helicopter and a yacht to broadcast from the water.

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