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Buzzr is an American digital multicast television network owned by Fremantle North America, a division of Fremantle, a subsidiary of RTL Group. The network opens the door to Fremantle's extensive library of classic game shows. Buzzre notes Fremantle’s entry into North American television broadcasting; Currently, the parent company RTL operates numerous television channels in Europe.

The Buzzr subchannel is represented in 62 US television markets. The network is also available nationwide on the free C-band satellite via Galaxy 19 in DVB-S2 format. The Buzzr brand was first used by Fremantle for the YouTube channel, created and created by its digital content studio Tiny Riot, which debuted at the end of 2014.

The Buzzr YouTube channel contains classic clips and a brief adaptation of its game show features (such as Family Feuds and Password), which featured online celebrities, primarily for millennia. On January 20, 2015, FremantleMedia announced that it will launch Buzzr, a digital multicast network that will serve as an extension of the brand; network with Fox TV channels as a group of charter stations. Buzzr presents classic game shows from the company's programming library.

Tom Beers, the former CEO of FremantleMedia North America, expressed his interest in launching a content-oriented gaming show network after joining the company in 2012, calling the project “top priority.” for Fremantle as a way to help monetize the value of his library. The company intended to focus Buzzr on older people, while Beers referred to the fact that “playing games in the old format is really very difficult [for younger viewers targeted at the YouTube Buzzr channel]”.

Broadcasting company Buzzr debuted on June 1. , 2015, with the launch preceding the preview, outlining the initial programming, which aired in an eight-hour continuous cycle, starting at 12:00 p.m. Eastern time. The network officially launched that evening at 8:00 pm. Eastern Time with a pilot episode of “Making a Deal” in 1963 as the first show to be aired. In February 2016, Codename Enterprise, a New York-based website development company, sued Fremantle for trademark infringement, dilution and unfair competition, as it has been running the Buzzr business since 2009.

The lawsuit alleged that using the Fremantle brand on his YouTube channel linked him to inappropriate content, and claimed that Fremantle had shifted its own YouTube channel URL to point to it. In 2016, in order to celebrate the upcoming 75th year of the genre, the network created a storyline for a game show with new episodes of favorable classics, as well as additional promotions and special marathons throughout the year.

In addition, this fall FremantleMedia began to rent separate episodes of “Card Sharks” with Bill Rafferty and “Family Feud” with Louis Anderson for weekend shows on the main channels of their affiliates, although this practice stopped after one season.

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