Tow to get disney plus on tv - Video Tutorial

Would you like Netflix to have more Star Wars movies? Annoyed by the lack of Marvel content on Amazon Prime? Disney + could be the streaming service for you.

Walt Disney Studios' new on-demand platform has a full library of not only Marvel and Star Wars movies and shows, but also Pixar, Fox and National Geographic titles. From The Simpsons to The Mandalorian, Toy Story shorts, nature docs, and Disney + originals, subscribers have plenty of options to choose from. Lots of content: 500 movies and over 30th series for subscribers.

And there is more on the way. Whether it's WandaVision, the Obi-Wan Kenobi TV show, or even a new Mighty Ducks series, Disney + has hours of prime entertainment.

Sign up with Disney + for £ 5.99 a month or £ 59.99 for a year

But how can you see all this on your television? The easiest way: by downloading the Disney + app, which will give you access to the entire library.

However, exactly how to download the Disney + app depends on your TV. Here is everything you need to know.

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