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The University Pastoral is made up of students and Catholic university and professional staff from all university centers and circles. But, for the sake of ecumenism, it opens its doors to all religions.


A.- Management

University Pastoral is placed under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince. Its primary responsibility is the titular archbishop who appoints a priest for the needs of pastoral care.

B.- Organization

The University Pastoral of the Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince is made up of a Choir (ALLELUIA) of six (6) commissions that work harmoniously to carry out the projects defined by the general assembly of academics which is done monthly in October of each year. The commissions are distributed as follows:

             Spiritual Commission:

                            She proposes and carries out activities for academics to help them develop further their closeness to God. It also offers activities of Christian formation, spiritual sharing, animation, and reflection from the Bible. A chapel will be available for Eucharistic celebrations for academics. An oratory for times of adoration and meditation, a garden to the Blessed Virgin Mary for those devoted to the Rosary, a choir for academics who like to sing the praises of God, retreats, and finally confession and spiritual accompaniment will be offered to them.

             Relays Commission:

                             Its mission is to bring together in each faculty or university center students who are members of pastoral care with the objective of helping them to form a community, to offer themselves as an example, and to live in university families the values ​​of university pastoral care. Its mission is also to create three parish university zones to allow great fraternization between the students of the different parishes.

             Social Commission:

                               She helps academics become part of projects to help their Haitian brothers who are in need. Among these projects, we must mention in particular the construction of houses (BATI KAY), psycho-social support to the population (KOLE ZEPOL), university mutual insurance (PUMUSO), supervision of hospitalized children (TIPLESA), (JILAP: Justis ak Lapè) for the research of the causes of conflicts in the Universities and to propose elements of the solution, visit and talks with the prisoners. it also offers as a social service a university restaurant, a cafeteria, and a photocopying service at a ridiculous price and in addition to regular interventions corresponding to the emergencies of the Haitian population.

This text 19 EKIM 2020 It was written on.

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