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A church service (also called a worship or just a service) is a period of formal Christian congregation worship, usually held in a church building. In the case of seventh-day Sabbath churches, it is often seen, but not only, on Sunday or Saturday.

Church service is the gathering of Christians to be taught the "Word of God" (the Christian Bible) and to be encouraged in their faith. Technically, the "church" in "church service" refers to the gathering of the faithful rather than the building in which it takes place. In most Christian traditions, the clergy presides over the services wherever possible.

The styles of service vary greatly, from the Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, and Lutheran ritualistic traditions of worship to the Evangelical Protestant style, which often combines worship with teaching for believers and can also have an evangelical component. appealing to non-Christians or skeptics in the congregation. Quakers and some other groups do not have a formal outline of their services, but allow the worship to develop as the participants move.

Worship service is a Christian life practice that has its origins in Jewish worship. Jesus Christ and Paul of Tarsus taught a new way of worshiping God. As recorded in the gospels, Jesus met with his disciples to share his teachings, discuss matters, pray and chant.

The first miracle of the Apostles occurred because the crippled man was healed on the temple steps, and Peter and John went to the temple to pray (Acts 3: 1). Since the apostles were originally Jewish, cf. Jewish Christians were familiar with the concept of fixed hours for service, and therefore services ranging from weekday to Sabbath and holy day.

Pliny the Younger (63 - c. 113), who is not a Christian himself, mentions not only the fixed prayer times of the believers, but also the specific services - other than the Eucharist - given to these times: "They met on a specified day before the light came and with a divinity to Christ. It was their custom from now on to reserve for a harmless meal and then reunite. "

The true evolution of Christian service in the first century is shrouded in mystery. By the second and third centuries, Church Fathers such as Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and Tertullian wrote about formalized, regular services: the practice of Morning and Evening Prayer and prayers at the third hour of the day (terce), at the sixth hour of the day (sixth) and the ninth hour of the day (none).

Looking at Jewish practice, it is certainly not by chance that these great prayer hours correspond to the first and last hours of the traditional day, and services on Sundays (corresponding to the Sabbath in Christianity) are more complex and longer. (If counting the eucharist and the afternoon rite, it includes twice as many services).

Similarly, the liturgical year from Christmas through Easter to Pentecost covers roughly five months, with the other seven having no major services associated with Christ's work. However, this does not mean that Jewish services were copied or deliberately altered, see Supersessionism.

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