WATCH LIVE: 2020 Republican National Convention Night 2

First Lady Melania Trump presented her husband as America's best hope for the future in her address to the Rose Garden on Tuesday night when President Donald Trump addressed family, farmers, and the paraphernalia of his presidency to boost her chances of re-election on the second night of the Republican National Congress.

The president pardoned a reformed criminal, used White House grounds to turn up the volume of his wife's keynote address, and oversaw the naturalization ceremony of several immigrants in the midst of a primetime broadcast. The welcoming tone contradicted some of his own policies aimed at curtailing both legal and illegal immigration.

“I know that many people are worried and some feel helpless. I want you to know that you are not alone, ”said Ms. Trump, herself an immigrant, referring to the pandemic raging across America. "Donald will not rest until he does his best to take care of everyone affected by this terrible pandemic."

Mrs. Trump and two of his five children led a diverse group of Republicans - wavering state farmers, evangelical Christians, and even a convicted bank robber - and called for Trump's re-election on a night that was clearly more positive tone than the day before.

The first president is working to improve his position in the 2020 presidential race, which he is currently losing due to the coronavirus and the associated economic disruption. Most polls report that rival Democrat Joe Biden has a significant lead in terms of direct support; the former vice president also oversees character matters such as reliability and liking.

In one of the few emotional moments of the night, Trump showed a video of him signing a pardon for John Ponder, the man from Nevada who founded an organization that helps inmates reintegrate into society.



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