It turned out that the doctor who first discovered the coronavirus did not die

It was announced that the Chinese doctor Li Wenliang, who diagnosed the world-shaking coronavirus outbreak 3 weeks ago and was silenced by the police, died from the virus. However, shortly afterward, it was announced that Li did not die.

Global Times, affiliated with the CHINA state media, announced that the doctor Li Wenliang, who announced the coronavirus outbreak 3 weeks in advance in Wuhan, China, was killed by the deadly virus.

However, shortly afterward, the hospital said that Li did not lose his life and his condition was critical.

"We are doing our best"

A 34-year-old Li's life-threatening life was reported in a statement from Wuhan hospital. "We do our best to save Li," the statement said.

The Chinese doctor, "Li Wenliang", warned his colleagues on December 30, that 7 people working in a seafood market in Wuhan were caught in quarantine and were infected with a Sars-like virus.

 When the message of 34-year-old doctor Li spread quickly, the Beijing government stepped in. The city's health officials accused 8 people who reported on the virus-like doctor Li and him of spreading gossip.

He announced that Li was infected with the coronavirus yesterday.

What happened

The virus was first detected on 12 December in the city of Wuhan in Hubei province. Wuhan Municipality Health Commission announced on December 31 that 27 more people who had contact with the Huanan Seafood Market in the city had seen the "mysterious" disease and closed the market.

Since the virus spread to Wuhan and other cities and provinces in a short time, public transportation had been stopped in 17 large and small cities of Hubby, especially Wuhan, since January 22. The population of the cities reaches 50 million.

This text 08 ŞUBAT 2020 It was written on.

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