Why do i have white spots on my teeth

Surely you have seen on many occasions someone who has white spots on their teeth, or perhaps you are worried because in recent months they have been appearing to you.

Nowadays we give more and more importance to dental aesthetics, since the teeth are a very visible part of our body.

White spots on the teeth are usually caused by a loss of mineral content in the enamel. They usually indicate that there is decalcification in certain areas. But the reasons why they appear are diverse.

Causes of white spots
Poor oral hygiene: make sure you clean your teeth, tongue and gums correctly and thoroughly. People who wear orthodontics must be especially careful. The accumulation of bacterial plaque under the brackets can generate the aforementioned decalcification.

A poor diet: An excess of sweet and/or acidic foods, or a diet poor in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, can be the cause of this problem.

Caries: its appearance can also cause decalcification of the enamel. In its first phase, cavities generate a demineralization that gives rise to unsightly white spots.

Celiac disease: detection of white spots in undiagnosed celiac people is common, so it is possible that both are related in some cases. An adequate diet would be the best way to prevent them.

Fluorosis: If we observe this problem in children, it is most likely that the cause is an excess of fluoride at the stage of tooth formation. This period ranges from 9 months to 3 years. Pediatric dentists advise against using fluoride toothpastes and replace them with special toothpastes for children.

How to make these white spots disappear?
In the same way that occurs with the causes that produce them, different treatments can be used to eliminate white spots on the teeth. These vary depending on their severity and depth, which can be assessed by your dentist.

If the stains affect a more superficial area, the solution may be dental microabrasion. Whitening is also often used, which effectively removes them from the outermost layer.

If the intensity and depth is greater, there is the alternative of dental veneers. These, in addition to completely covering the white spots, also provide the advantage that they serve to correct the shape of the teeth.

How can we prevent them?
Once the origin and causes of this problem are known, it is best to apply simple guidelines to our routine to prevent these white spots from appearing.

Proper dental hygiene is the first step. Do not forget to brush your teeth every day after each meal, as well as floss frequently.

A periodic visit to the dentist to perform a dental cleaning and a review is also the most recommended.

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